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Caught Wet Handed Amber Skyy Jerks Off Brother

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09/01/2017 | 15:11 | Categories:

Starring Amber Skyy, ConorCoxxx

Chatting on the phone after a disappointing night out at the clubs, Amber returns home to find her younger brother Conor lounging on the couch, seemingly naked underneath his sister's polka-dot blanket. He instantly tries to hide his masturbatory indiscretion, but his sister immediately knows what he was doing, as Conor still had the lube right there on the dining room table! So Amber slides away the blanket and surprisingly grabs her brother's cock, mentioning how horny she was after not getting any action at the club. Stroking Conor's long hard cock up and down, Amber tells her brother how she's actually been fantasizing about this moment for a while, reminiscing on how she would stand outside his bedroom door and touch herself while watching him jerk off at night. Her rhythmic hand motions continue pleasuring her sibling's cock, talking dirty to him until he can hold back no more and blows his load all over her pretty hands. Better clean up before mom and dad get home!

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