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Oral Anatomy Lesson

Conor is Gemma's tutor for anatomy class, but today's lesson is about to get a little hands-on! Gemma is just on her first boyfriend, and he's already asking her to blow him, but she doesn't know anything about guys! So Gemma asks her tutor to teach her a few pointers so that she's not embarrassed, but she doesn't even know what a blow job is! Conor, being the good teacher he is, explains to Gemma about his cock and balls, and all the special points where there is most pleasure. Just like in class! Gemma then places her soft lips on his massive dick ever so slowly and curiously, her innocence only adding to her sexiness. She continues to suck more and more, allowing her mouth to be the tour guide of this oral exploration. Gemma learns quickly, as her technique continues to improve, even remembering the balls! Gemma is looking more and more like a dick-sucking pro as she speeds up her sucking without losing cock control. She bobs her head faster and faster as she jerks and rubs his tip right on her tongue until Conor can take no more and finally busts all in her pretty little mouth, cum dripping down her chin. Time to clean up and hit the books!

Released:Oct 11, 2021
Studio: Conor Coxxx Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:17 min

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