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Maria Jade - Ass Fetish Fun

Blonde beauty Maria Jade loves for her ass to be worshiped! She catches you staring at her ass, and calls you out... Maria slowly takes off her blue top, to show her big breasts popping from the top of her bra. She bends over to tease you.."I bet you've never seen a white girl's ass like mine!" Maria bends over the couch and pulls up her skirt.. She shakes her perfectly round ass right in your face. She pulls down her skirt, so she's left in nothing but a thong.. "You like it when I twerk my ass?" Maria bounces her ass up and down, and works herself into a split.. Still bouncing her ass, just for you. Bending over, she spreads her ass cheeks wide open to show off her perfect tight little asshole. She takes off her panties and dangles them in your face, then she bends back over..and strips herself of her bra.. Leaving Maria completely naked. Now she is bent over, fully exposing her asshole and pussy. She works her ass in circles in your face, and demands that you continue to kiss on her ass, and worship it. Maria is disappointed in the way you have been worshiping her ass... SO she calls in a real man to get the job done. Conor walks in and immediately begins smacking and then licking Maria's ass. Looks like you messed up, loser.. Because now he's getting all of the fun!

Released:Mar 10, 2021
Studio: Conor Coxxx Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:16 min

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