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Sniff My Sweaty Feet

Joseline comes in and crashes on the bed. I am so tired from work! She lays back on the bed, exhausted. Joseline tells Conor how she has been working on her feet ALL day, and her feet have been so sweaty. Joseline begins to remove her heels, one by one. Conor stares at Joseline's feet, and she begins to tease him by rubbing her feet on Conor's legs. Conor asks Joseline if he can smell her feet, and he begins to deeply smell her sweaty feet. Conor shoves his nose between each of her toes. I think this is making my dick hard. Joseline tells Conor she can take care of that. And tells him to get comfortable. Conor lays back, and sniffs Joseline's feet more. Joseline rubs Conor's cock through his shorts, and he slowly peels them down. Joseline spits in her hand, and starts to stroke his cock. She rubs her feet across his face, while stroking his cock harder and faster. Joseline squeezes Conors nose in-between her toes, and strokes his balls. Joseline strokes Conor's cock, and smothers him with her feet until he cums all over her hands.

Released:Jan 16, 2021
Studio: Horny Household Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:21 min

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