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Gold Valkyrie Chapter 3 - Conquered By Dr. Nitro

Gold Valkyrie discovers Dr. Nitro's hidden lab from a strange energy signature. Gold Valkyrie plans to apprehend her arch nemesis and end his evil plans. However, Dr. Nitro is prepared for the golden superheroine with his ultimate weapon completed. He plans to corrupt Gold Valkyrie to become his personal and super slut. Dr Nitro ends the fight scene before it even gets started with his arousal laser. Gold Valkyrie becomes super horny and rubs her tits and is ready to do whatever for him. He makes out with her and licks her tits before having her suck his dick. He then fucks her tits for a bit and returns his cock to her mouth. He then lays her on the bed and fucks her in several different positions before cumming all over her face. Later that day she admits she can't even think about fighting crime anymore and only wants to be with Dr. Nitro.

Released:Jan 29, 2024
Studio: Conor Coxxx Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:1 h 1 min

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